connect epson printer to wifi

In case you’ve got an Epson printer at your workplace or in the home, so as to make it operate handily and smoothly, you have to connect your printer to your system. This post is really a step-by-step manual that leads you to join with your Brother printer with WiFi.

Follow the steps below to enable WiFi Link for your Epson printer in Windows.

Prior to Starting, you Want to check them:

Know your system password and name

You Epson Printer is put up with a wireless or ethernet link (Follow the Start Here sheet)

Whether it is schools or perhaps offices, these business printers are being used almost everywhere intended for fulfilling printing photos related requirements. Even though Epson printers provide robust printing solution in comparison to additional similar item manufacturers, Epson printers cause problems to their users very often and of them is connecting a Epson printer to Wi-Fi.

Best Ways Epson Printer to Wi-Fi – Wireless Network

There are five ways through which you can easily connect a Epson printer to Wi-Fi. Make sure you’ve got the router and printer located near each other so that your printer could get a better Wi-Fi connection.

Method 1- Using Windows 10 Add a Printer Option

You can automatically add the wireless Epson Printer with the help of Windows 10 Add a Printer Option. Turn on your Printer first and follow these steps: –

  • On your Windows search box (Windows + Q) type Printer.
  • Click on Printers and Scanners Option.
  • Click on Add a Printer.
  • Select your Printer and next Click on Add Device.

If Windows 10 was not able to find your printer? Then follow these steps: –

  • Choose the option The printer that I want isn’t listed
  • Select Wireless or Network Discoverable Printer
  • Now, Select the Epson Printer and Follow the option shown on the Windows 10 screen.

Method 2- Epson Software Installation CD or Epson Driver and Downloads

When you bought the printer, then you might have received the Epson Software Installation CD, insert into your computer and follow the steps suggested on the screen, when connecting your printer with the software ensure to choose Wireless Connection.

In case you don’t have a software installation CD/DVD you can download it from Epson official website. Follow these steps to download and install the Epson printer software.

  1. Visit Epson Drivers and Downloads Website.
  2. Select your Product
  3. Select the Operating System
  4. Now, Select the version of your Operating System
  5. Choose English or Any Language you want to install your Software…
  6. Agree the License Agreement to download the software.
  7. Locate the downloaded file and extract it.
  8. Now, run the setup file to begin the installation process.
  9. Follow the onscreen setup instruction to install the software.
  10. While the installation process is taking you’ll be prompted by the way to install the software
  11. Choose wireless connection and click on continue.
  12. Select Yes and click on continue.
  13. Select on printer test page and see whether the printer has completed the installation or not.

Let the download be completed and then try to follow all the instructions or guidelines the software shows. Install the program correctly and then you’ll be able to connect to the Wi-Fi from your Epson Printer.

Method 5- Contact Epson Wireless Printer Support and Help Center

You can contact Epson Support team to get help from them for any issues related to the Epson Printer. Visit the official Epson Printer Support Website and from there you can register a support ticket.