Have you ever thought, “what thing will frustrate you the most, while you are using an Epson printer”? let me guess, in my opinion, the most frustrating problem is Epson Printer WiFi Connection Problems. Sometimes you find that you are going to print a document or paper, but your Epson printer shows an error state due to the wireless connection problem.

Perhaps, whenever a wireless connection problem arises with your Epson printer, you have tried to connect your printer with the connection. However, the problem persists, and still, you are unable to fix it. No doubt a wireless connection enables you to print your document, but it is not always as easy as you are thinking. 

 These days, many of the Epson printers users are competing against Epson printers, they are reporting the problem is; “Our Epson printer has WiFi connection problem.” They also said that they have already tried lots of attempts to configure the Epson printer WiFi connection problems.

How to fix Epson Printer WiFi connection problems:

Whenever your printer is not connected to a wireless connection, then it could happen, due to two reasons; one is there could be an issue in the printer itself, and the other one is; it could be related to your WiFi access point. 

It does not matter whatever the problem is, the thing that is important is; troubleshooting WiFi connection problem of Epson Printer. So, here are a few methods that will help you to know, “How to fix printer WiFi (wireless) connection problem.”

Restart the printer WiFi router and other devices-

It is one of the most common and easiest tasks that you need to do because sometimes your Epson printer is unable to verify the wireless network. A restart process of your complete system will help to fix any software glitches.

Follow these steps to restart your printer and WiFi router:

Step 1: First, switch off the router and power back on after waiting for a few minutes.

Step 2: Unplug the power wire of your printer and after waiting for a few minutes, plug it again.

Step 3: At last, begin your WiFi setup process again.

Apart from this, you need to restart your wireless access point, modem, network connection, computer, and connected devices.

Switch your WiFi signal:

Sometimes, the wireless connection which you are using to connect your Epson printer is not stable. You found that after placing your printer near your WiFi router still, it is not working because the connection signals are feeble. In this situation, you need to switch your WiFi signal.

Follow these steps to change the WiFi channel:

Step 1: First, open the router’s admin control panel.

Step 2: Go to the WiFi settings.

Step 3: In WiFi settings, under the SSID, you will see channels.

Step 4: There are two channels; channel 9 or 11 has displayed in the menu. Select anyone out of these channels.

At last, press the apply changes button.

Check the WiFi password-

Most of the time, the user was unable to connect to the WiFi password because of the WiFi password. Maybe they enter the wrong, invalid password or forget the password. So that’s why the problem occurs, so the only solution to this problem is checking the WiFi password.

  1. You need to double-check your WiFi password.
  2. Check the password of your router admin panel.
  3. Try the same password as you have created.

Make sure that your password is case sensitive because it takes case sensitive characters. So if you have set any character in caps, then enter in the same way.

If you forget the password, then you need to change it. Follow these steps to change your wireless network.

Step 1: Open your windows 10 settings.


Step 2: Click on Network & Internet.

network and internet

Step 3: Now, you can see the WiFi option on the left side, select it.

wifi option

Step 4: Choose “Manage known networks”.

manage known networks - Epson Printer WiFi Connection Problems

Step 5: Here, you can see the WiFi network connections that you have connected or use previously.

Step 6: Click on that WiFi network, which password you want to change.

wifi networks - Epson Printer WiFi Connection Problems

Step 7: Choose the forget option.

forget password

Step 8: Now, go into the bottom right corner of your desktop, to check the network connection.

Step 9: Click on your WiFi connection and enter the new password.

So, now you can see your WiFi connection network is built up, and you will be able to access your wireless network to create a connection with your Epson printer.

Reset the network settings- 

Generally, after changing the password of your network connection, it would be fixed, but sometimes this way doesn’t work. To troubleshoot the wireless connection problem of the printer, you need to reset the network setting of your printer and configure it. 

Follow these steps to doing this process.

Step 1: Turn the power on your PC.

Step 2: Now, you can see a ready screen.

Step 3: Click on the menu that displays on the ready screen and go forward to the setting.

Step 4: Now, scroll down and click on the restore default settings.

Step 5: Choose the network settings, and now you can see a pop-up setting on your screen.

Step 6: Click on the Ok button.

Step 7: Now, you can see your printer will reboot and restore itself automatically.

At last, when you get the home screen again then try to connect your Epson printer with the wireless connection.

So, that is the way that you need to follow as mentioned above to troubleshoot your issues by resetting the network setting.

Connect your printer by using the WPS setting to Fix Epson Printer WiFi Connection Problems

You can try to connect your printing device by using a WPS setting when it is not able to communicate by using a wireless connection. You can try to enable the WPS setting by using two ways; Push-button and Pin method. Push-button way is more effective as compare to the Pin method. Here is a stepwise Push button method that is defined that you can use to establish wifi connection with the Epson printer.

Step 1: You can see a push button on your router, and you need to push it.

Step 2: There is a home button on your printer, press it.

Step 3: Push the wifi setup.

Step 4: Wait for 2 minutes, after selecting the push button, so that your router can detect the printer in the network.

Step 5: When your router finds the printer, and now your printer will automatically connect to the network.

So, that is the way you can use to fix your wireless connection error, and after resolving it, your printer will connect automatically.

The techniques mentioned above and methods are the fundamental way that you can try by yourself if any wifi connection error or problem arises with your Epson printer. But still, you are unable to come out of this problem or any question is in your mind related to this issue, then you can directly connect with us via contact form or via chat and we’ll try to help you with the right solutions.

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