how to fix epson printer paper jam problems

In the traditional period, we performed all the tasks manually, “Machines” we couldn’t imagine this term even we couldn’t suppose to do work on little tiny electronic gadgets. But now, at present, when you look around yourself, you can’t imagine your life without a gadget. To fulfill every tiny to big requirement, we mostly depend on the machines and devices.

Suppose, If you will have to spend a day, meaning 24 hours without using any gadget, what do you think about it? I am pretty sure most of us will not be able to do that, even if they can’t survive a few hours without technology and then asking them to remain 24 hours is very difficult. Well, this thing shows how much we depend upon technology.

Out of many gadgets and electronic devices, one of the most common and most usable devices is “Printer.” Yes, it is a printer; it is the most usable device nowadays for professional and personal purposes. It is available in many brands and types in the market. Many IT firms are manufactured and suppliers of the printer. Out of these, one of the most popular brands is “Epson.”

Epson printer is the leading and the most demanding printer brand. It is the most usable brand because of its quality, value, and many features. Infect, we can say that it will pass all its required segments. But sometimes it can cause some trouble due to some technical problems. The Epson printer paper jam problem is a common problem that generally occurs. But you don’t need to be worried because it is very easy to fix.

How to fix Epson printer paper jam problem:

Most of them think the paper jam problem of Epson is a huge problem, but they are wrong. It is just a small problem that commonly arises. Many of the Epson printer users are already aware of this problem; it generally happens. Here are the few solutions that you should follow to get the desired result:

Solution 1: Insert the papers correctly



Generally, this problem will happen because the papers which we insert into the Epson printer for printing are not inserted correctly. Most of us don’t know how to insert the paper in it, and they put them wrong, which affects its functioning, and that’s why the papers get jam inside it. The only solution for that is you have to insert it in the correct way. Follow these steps for inserting documents correctly.

Step 1: Open the Paper Support

Step 2: Extend the paper guide

Step 3: Set paper and align the guide to the paper

Step 4: Don’t do too much over-adjustment as it may result in paper feeding problem

Step 5: Align the Epson Printer paper guide to paper

Step 6: Make sure both the paper guide are aligned to the paper sides

Solution 2: Clean Epson Printer rollers

Rollers play the primary role in the printing process of printers. Each time of printing, they perform a special task, so the continuously heavy usage of the printer gives an impact on the roller, and due to improper maintenance of it, they will be damaged. So if rollers are damaged, then you have to replace it. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the jamming problem of papers.

Things that you must have before starting to clean the rollers: –

  • Lint-Free Cloth
  • Filter or Distilled Water
  • Don’t use alcohol

Step 1: Turn Off your Printer

Step 2: Unplug Cables

Step 3: Remove the paper tray and rotate the printer to find the rollers

Step 4: Pour some water in the clothes and moisture it for a few minutes

Step 5: Clean the roller gently with cloth rotating

Step 6: Clean the rollers again to ensure all the dirts have been removed

Step 7: Gently place the trays back to the printer and make sure they are properly set up

Step 8: Test print to verify that the paper jam issue has been fixed

Solution 3: Completely Clean the Printer from both the inside & outside

clean epson printer

When you don’t do regular cleaning of your Epson printer, it generates a paper jam problem, because the dust, ink particles, or many more unwanted things can be stuck inside it, which can cause a technical problem inside the printer. So from time to time cleaning of it is essential. Here are the few steps that help you in the cleaning process of Epson.

Step 1: Turn Off your Printer

Step 2: Unplug Cables.

Step 3: Remove ink cartridges and paper tray. Wrap up your ink cartridges so that they don’t dry out

Step 4: Take a cloth and don’t use a paper to clean the printer

Step 5: Remove all the dirt’s from the printer until you are unable to find some

Step 6: Now, gently place the trays and cartridges back into the printer and make sure everything’s in its place.

Step 7: Reconnect the wire or usb and turn on the printer

Step 8: Test print to verify the problem has been solved

Solution4: Removed jam papers correctly

jam papers

Don’t panic, whenever you see your printer stops functioning. That’s the common thing that you generally face, and it happens because the papers on which you have to print your information or data are stuck inside the Epson printer. That’s why we call this problem paper jam. For resolving this problem, you have to remove jammed papers from inside it. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Power off the Printer

Step 2: To prevent malfunctions on your Epson Printer, if you find a paper at the output slot, make sure to pull the paper out of the printer slot

Step 3: Open the top cover

Step 4: Take caution while you remove the paper do not touch the film or rail

Step 5: Slide the printhead to left or right in case the print head holder is above the paper

Step 6: Remove jammed paper slowly. Do not push the jammed paper inside.

I hope, by following all the methods as mentioned earlier, you would be able to make your printer more usable and trouble-free. All the tips are very beneficial for the Epson printer paper jam problem, and you will get excellent output. If you have followed all these described tips and still not overcome from it then, you can connect with us via the comment box below.

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