fix epson printer offline issue

The easiest way to fix this Epson Printer Offline issue is to disconnect the printer and reconnect it back to the computer and you are done but in case you are not familiar with the process or not able to disconnect the printer then follow this article.

We all know nothing is permanent, whether it is a living thing or a non-living thing. As a human being, we found that it’s impossible to stay healthy and fit during our life period. Anytime, anywhere, in any conditions, we might be caught by any disease or health problem, it might be short term or long term. As the same happens with technical equipment like an Epson Printer, it might not be performing well, because of some technical issues during its working period.

There are numerous kinds of issues, but one of the most common, which we are going to discuss in this topic is “The Epson Printer offline issue” and “how to resolve the printer offline problem”.

The failure of your printing device will hamper your work in different ways, in the various working environments. “Let take an example, you are an employee in an IT firm or corporate industry, during the working hours, your printer is showing offline when you need to print an email or an important file that your boss requires urgently. This can not only hamper your work also it can cost you a lot of time that you can utilize somewhere else

Ok, enough with the talks let us help you show the right methods and steps you need to follow in order to fix the Epson Printer Offline problem.

Why is Your Epson Printer Offline?

It shows offline signals due to many reasons, but the majorly we found that the “configuration problem” generally occurs because of the outdated configuration with your Computer.

Here’s some of the reasons why your printer is showing offline?

  1. Configuration Issue
  2. USB problems
  3. Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) problem
  4. Drivers or Software Problems
  5. Hardware Problems

So, these are the main reasons that can cause the offline issue. But these are not the only reasons; there are many other reasons also, ensure to check these things first before you try to fix the problem.

How to Fix Epson Printer Offline Issues:

Here is the answer to the most frequently asked question” How to Resolve Epson Printer Offline problems”? Some basic methods help you in fixing offline printing errors so that you can improve your work proficiency. Follow the practices below:

Solution 1- Resolve Connection Problem:

The first thing that you should have to do, in terms of taking your printer offline to online, is to check its connections properly and fix them. Follow the steps for this procedure:

Remove all the connections of your printer, whether it is wire, wireless, electrical board and operating system.

After that, again establish all of your connections on by one properly.

Just in case, if your printer is connected through the USB device then, clean it again and adequately insert it for establishing a connection.

Solution 2: Disable/Remove Epson Printer:

For resolving the offline errors disabling method, which is very handy, but it might not be the same for each operating system. As our tutorial is around the Windows Operating system, we can only show you the solution using the Windows commands and troubleshooting methods: –

Step 1: In your Windows Search Box type printer

printer option

Step 2: Go into the “Printer and Scanners” in the control panel.

Step 3: Now you can see a window box will pop-up, and you can see the list of printer.

Step 4: Find Epson Printer and click on it

Step 5: Next, click on Remove device


remove device

For setting your Epson printer as the default printing device on your computer, right click on it and click on Set as Default Printer option.

Now check if the problem with your printer exists after closing the window.

Solution 3: Reinstall your printer driver:

It might be an effective way of resolving errors, but not the easy way, you have to follow the stepwise process carefully to change your printer status from offline to online. In this, the driver’s o your printer would be installed in your Device or PC. To know about it in brief, read the stepwise procedure.

Step 1: Open Printer and Scanner

Step 2: Click on Add a Printer or Scanner

Step 3: The Printer that I want isn’t listed

the printer i want isnt listed

Step 4: Select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings and then click next

add a local printer

Step 5: Select LTP1: Printer Port

use an existing port

Step 6: From the right hand side choose Epson and then select your Model No. Click Next

choose printer manufacturer

Step 7: Rename if you want to other leave it as it is and click Next

Step 8: Completed

Just in case if you have some doubts during this process, you can also send a query to our comment box and we’ll try to properly guide you.

Solution 4: Reinstall Product Software:

Reinstalling your software product is a lengthy process, but it will be the most effective way to troubleshoot and fix the offline printer issues. But while following this process, you have to remember your network name and password. I’ll personally suggest you note down both of these. Now you can start your re installation process:

Step 1: Select the control panel of your device. Now go into the “Select Setup” then “Restore Default Setting” after this “Network Setting” further ”Yes” and press “Ok”.

Step 2: Now disconnect all the cables and turn off your model.

Step 3: Check if your printer is showing offline or not. If yes, then go into the control panel and go to the “Windows Firewall” and disable it.

Step 4: Next, go into your control panel, and go into the programs> programs and features.

Step 5: Now, you can see a list here and uninstall the Epson Product software from it. Also, uninstall Epson scan and Epson Event Manager which are also related to Epson Product.

Step 6: It is the time when you have to turn off your wi-fi router and disconnect all the cables. After a period reconnect all the wires and turn it on.

Step 7: Now download all the Epson printer related drivers and install them and also it will ask you to choose the connection you have to select the wireless network and then Next.

Step 8: Now, you have to set up your printer by “selecting Select Setup option”.

So, reinstallation of your software product, as well as the setup of Wi-fi, is completed.

These are the methods that are mentioned above that help you in the troubleshooting procedure of your printer from the offline stage to online. I know as a non-technical person it is quite tricky for you. But, if you try this at least once you find this very easy, you have to follow this procedure step wise, and you can see the better output. But still, if you are unable to fix it or find any difficulties, you can also leave your comment and we’ll try to respond you with the right solutions.