How to Fix Epson Printer Error E-01

If you are facing trouble with your Epson printer because of Epson printer error e-01, and you want to get rid of this problem, and also looking for solutions, “How to fix Epson printer Error E-01?” Don’t worry, in this topic; you will get all the necessary information about it like; What Epson printer Error E-01 is? What are the reasons behind this error and the effective solutions to fixing this error?  

Epson printer is the most popular brand because of its reliability, performance, and latest technology features for professionals in offices and for students in their houses. One of the solid reasons behind its popularity is; it provides you with the best quality of scanning and printing photos, pictures, and papers. Along with its various attributes, sometimes it is also suffering from some fatal errors that can affect your working. But don’t worry, you can quickly come over from this kind of trouble.

What is Epson printer Error E-01

To understand this whole concept, first, we need to know, “What is Epson Printer Error E-01?” Let’s get started. It is the most common error that generally occurs at the time of the printing and your Epson printer detects this error as a fatal error. Whenever you start your printer, your printer starts doing itself checking, and it checks all of its systems and components. But, if your printer is unable to perform self-test, that means there is an sx218 error e-01. Once your printer has started booting, it shows an error, while it is doing its checking process. At that time, your printer will display Error code e-01.

So, whenever during the printing process, if you find your printer is not more able to read the document that means there is an Error code e-01 because it is unable to perform self-testing. Now you understand what error e-01 is, but still, you are not aware of its causes or the reasons for happening. In further points, we will try to understand what reasons are responsible for Epson printer error e-01.

Why does Epson printer say Error E-01?

Whenever you see any sign of errors on your printer, that means there is something wrong is happening to the internal applications of your printer. And this, internal, malfunctioning will affect your printer working at a certain point. Clearly, these all things are signs of error e-01. There are a number of reasons that are responsible for this error. It may happen because of excessive use of your printer or maybe due to something else.  

Let’s get started to discuss all the other common reasons that are leading to the Epson printer E-01 Error code.

  • Sometimes the tangled power cables that are connected to your printer don’t supply the power that is sufficient for self-starting of the printer.
  • The printer driver of your Epson printer can generate this error if these drivers are outdated.
  • If you have installed CISS in your printer, then it could also be a reason that makes the movement of cartridge stops. And, at last, you will face trouble because of it.
  • There is a locking function inactive in your printer for transporting smoothly, but when this locking procedure is malfunctioning then it would fail to store the lock in a suitable position, and as a result, it increases the risk of occurring error.
  • Whenever the position of CD-tray inside your printer is unsettled, then it will cause the error E- 01.
  • Whenever the endurance of the internal component of your Epson printer is lost, your printer may show this error.

So, these are the few valid reasons that would be able to generate the Epson printer error code 01.

How to fix Epson printer Error code E-01?

After detecting the causes of Epson printer error code E-01, now you will wander for its solutions so that you can fix its error code e-01 as soon as possible and get your printer back in working condition. There are multiple ways of troubleshooting Epson printer error code e-01, here we are going to recommend a few troubleshooting ways to fix Epson printer Error code E-01. Follow these recommended steps and get back your printer in working condition.

Solution 1: Check connection or connectivity

Connectivity and connection checking of your printer is the first step that you should perform to fix its error 01. First, switch off your printer then unplug all the connections of your printer and wait for 5 minutes. Now, switch on your printer and check all the initialization procedures of your printer units. But, while doing this process, you have to make sure that the power connectivity is secure, wires are not intertwined, and remove the transport lock after the completion of this procedure. As we mentioned above the tangled wire could be a reason for this error so be careful about using the tangled wire for any technical device.

Solution 2: Check the Cartridges and local area of CISS

In your Epson printer, the ink tubes that are inside your printer can affect the movement of the printer cartridges and cause printer error e-01 could occur. So, you need to check that the printer cartridges are moving in both directions right and left and CISS is installed in your printer. The printer cartridges which you are using must be authentic and good quality. It would be best if you also kept in mind that there is only one inch should be removed from the cartridge loading area and precise the installation of the CISS.  Follow these steps to clean your printer ink cartridges.

Step 1: First, you need to open the cover of your printer to remove the cartridges. Check carefully, is there any spout of ink, dust or leaking toner, if there is then clean it.

open cartridge

Step 2: Now, take a cotton swab and dip it into the warm water and use it to clean the inkjet cartridges and if you find leaking ink there then replace it. 

clean printer

Step 3: Now, you need to replace the papers so pull out the paper from the paper tray and replace the old papers with new papers, but make sure that the paper should not be filled more than half in the paper tray.

add papers

Step 4: Now, turn the power on of your printer and wait until the light is on in your printer and then connect your printer with your computer. You can also perform testing to ensure the working of the printer.

So, you need to follow these procedures correctly and carefully; if you make any mistake, then it can damage your printer, so be careful while performing this action.

Solution 3: Manage the Lock of printer

For resolving the Error code 01 off your Epson printer, you need to assure that you have removed the transportation lock of your printer because an active transportation lock could be a reason behind this problem. So in that case managing this lock could be an effective solution to get rid of this problem. To execute this process, you can take the help of the Epson printer assistant; he will guide you stepwise to perform this action and also will help you in restoring the transportation lock carefully.

Solution 4: Manage the CD tray of your Epson printer

As we described above the unsettled CD tray is could be a reason for your printer error code 01. So, it would be best if you fixed the position of the CD tray of your printer. To do this process, you need to withdraw the CD-tray from its original position by pushing the CD tray button. But when you are trying to settle down the CD tray, you need to consider a few points in your mind. By settling the position of the CD tray, you will quickly come out from this trouble.

  • There is no paper jam inside your printer.
  • Your printer power must be switched off.
  • Never push or pull the CD tray of your printer in the wrong direction or way.

Solution 5: Fix paper jam

Sometimes, the paper jam in your printer can cause this problem, so you need to fix the paper jam problem of your printer correctly and effectively.

Step 1: You need to unplug your printer from all the power connections, and after waiting for a few minutes, you need to restart your printer.

Step 2: Now, you need to check whether there is paper stuck in the loading tray or not. If there is then you need to remove these papers. But keep in mind that never pull out these jammed paper from the tray in the wrong direction, cause if you do this in the wrong way, then it can create more trouble.

Step 3: After removing the papers, you need to clean the paper roller with a cotton cloth.

Step 4: Now, restart your printer and test your printer working by printing a paper, make sure that it is performing well or not.

Solution 6: Start your printer with safe mode

One of the effective solutions for fixing the Epson printer error e-01 is; start your printer in safe mode. In safe mode, you can easily enable your desktop to run and also can check that your printer is still displaying an error or not. If there is no error, then it is OK, but if there is any error, then you need to look for other solutions to fix this problem. Another way is; keep on check your internet connectivity; if your printer is working with the Wi-Fi mode.

Easy maintenance tips for troubleshooting Epson printer Error code E-01 – sx435w

The solutions, as mentioned earlier, definitely will help you in troubleshooting the Epson printer error. In case if you’re still not able to come over it then here are a few easy maintenance that you should consider for making your error removal process more straightforward and easy.

  • You should keep your printer clean by removing the excessive dust upon it and always use the original components to maintain your Epson printer; duplicate components can create trouble for you.
  • Your software program can also be responsible for generating Epson I485 error code 01 for your printer by creating a conflict between your printer and the software drivers. So, make sure that your drivers are updated.
  • Always must check that, between your printer scanner and the printer tray shouldn’t be anything, cause anything between these can create a problem.
  • You should always need to keep clean and dry the optical and paper print sensors of the printer paper path. Because on the paper tray path sides there are optical and print sensors placed, and if these sensors are not clean then your printer won’t be able to initiate the self start process, and as a result, it will show Error code e-01.

These are the few additional common tips that should be considered by everyone, those who are suffering from a printer error code problem. These tips are beneficial not just to resolve your error but also to maintain your printer.

Therefore, if you are struggling to reach out to the solutions to fix the Epson printer Error code E-01, then the above-described solutions and tips are beneficial for you in resolving this issue by yourself. Whenever printer error code issues arise with your printer, then add these methods in your printer error troubleshooting procedure. So, don’t take this matter lightly, and don’t let this problem to hamper your work follow these tactics and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you are not able to handle these solutions by yourself, then calling professional help is a better option for you and you will be able to reduce the chances of complexity by taking a piece of professional advice. The Epson printer service providers are available to provide your support services 24*7.They will effectively assist you in resolving Epson printer error code E-01. So, don’t take this matter lightly, and don’t let this problem hamper your work, follow these tactics, and fix your problem as soon as possible. 

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