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Those who need to print a piece of paper; through their printer, they definitely understand how much important is the quality of printing. Whether you need to print a small piece of papers for a temporary purpose or an important piece of papers for your professional documentation, whatever it is. Overall, we want to say that quality is the most important factor in printing.

Everyone wants their printer prints to give high-quality outputs. Those who are wondering for, from where we can print high-quality print papers, then one of the best and easy solutions for them is, the “Epson printer.”  

Yes, the Epson printer is the topmost reputed and most popular brand because of its quality printing paper productivity and the different features. Not only in the printing of black & white papers but also for colorful papers.  

But, sometimes, your printer doesn’t provide you the exact output as you expected, and it’s all up to your printer. After getting the result, you will realize that the high-quality printing papers had in your mind would have turned out less vibrant. It is also more refined than you hoped, and it could be affecting your work.

Why your Epson printer not printing high-quality prints:

As we told above that the Epson printer is the best printing output providing device as compared to other devices, and sometimes you didn’t get the same output as you expected, doesn’t mean that there is a fault in its quality. It is happening because of a reason when you purchase an Epson printer; it performs its functioning on the default settings so that it can save energy, ink, and papers. As per the default settings, it performs its working.

So, you don’t need to worry; it doesn’t do any harm to your documents and photos. You can easily overcome this problem by changing the setting of your printing device. I hope, now you got the idea about, “why my Epson printer is not printing high-quality prints?”

How to change the print quality on my Epson printer:

The best way to get the best quality printing output is by changing its setting from default to others. Those who recently purchased the Epson printer and are wondering for a way to change its default settings, then they are in the right place. Here we are for helping them out by providing them ways or instructions about. “How to change print quality on my Epson printer?”

There are many different ways of changing the print quality setting through the settings in the print drivers. You can easily change it by using the predefined settings or with customized settings, according to you.

Follow these several ways for enabling the print quality setting of your Epson printer:

Change the print quality by using an automatic setting:

In this way, you can change the print quality by changing the favor speed or details—generally, there are two levels for print outputs. One is 300 dpi, and the other is 600dpi. In both of them, the 600dpi provides high-quality printouts, but it also has a disadvantage, it takes more memory space and slows down the printer speed. Follow these stepwise processes to change this setting.

  • Open the print dialog box.
  • There is a drop-down box, select “Print settings” from it.
  • Now, select the “Basic settings” tab.
  • Click on the Automatic, and choose the resolution from the Resolution drop-down list.

So, now you will be able to get the high-resolution quality printing output. But, if your printing is not OK, then it will display an error message. In that case, you can select a low resolution, and it will provide you ease in printing papers.

Using the predefined setting:

Using a predefined setting is a way of optimizing your print settings for a specific kind of printout. For an image printout that is taken by a camera or from a video and also a presentation document, it is the best way to change the print quality.

The advantage of choosing this predefined setting is that the other settings will set automatically like; color, resolution, printing mode, and screen.

It has several predefined settings out of them few are described below:

  • Automatic: for regular printing and photos
  • Photo: especially for photos
  • Advanced Photo: for high-quality scanned photos and digitally-captured images
  • Graphic\CAD: for printing graphs and charts
  • Advanced Graphic\CAD: for high-quality charts, photos, and graphs

Follow these steps for changing the predefined settings.

  • Open print dialog box.
  • Select “Print settings” from the drop-down list of it.
  • Select the “Basic Settings” tab.
  • Select Advanced. When you click on it, you find a list of predefined settings, and the “Automatic (standard) is default enabled in it.
  • Now, select a setting from out of this list, which is most appropriate for your document.

As we mentioned above, presentation documents and video images mean it is a high-resolution document that we need to print and also in good quality, so change predefined settings is an effective way.

Customizing print settings:

The customized setting is that way, through which you can get more control over the document which you want to be printed. As the name indicates customized, that means you can change it as possible according to you. If you want to experiment with something new, then you can go for it.

Follow these steps to enable or change your customize settings.

  • Open “basic settings” dialog box.
  • Click on Advanced>>More settings.
  • Now, you can see a dialog box on your screen.
  • Choose a color for color printout or black for black printout from the color setting.
  • Now, you can choose the print resolution from resolution drop-down, fast or fine.
  • In color management, you can change the color adjustment setting according to you.
  • You can also change the brightness, color, contrast, saturation, and mode of the document that you want to be printed.
  • After setting up this customizes settings, you can click on Ok to apply these settings.
  • Now, you will return on your basic setting dialog box.

Save your customized settings:

But if you want to save these custom settings for your further documents print, on your Mac or Windows 10.1 Pc or laptop then, you can save it in “Save custom settings,” and your settings will be kept in the custom drop-down list. But remember one thing; you can only save one set of custom settings.

If you want to save custom settings in Mac and Windows 10 devices, then you need to save it by using Save or Save As in the preset of the print dialog box. You can also type a name for your defining settings in the name box so that you can easily recognize it and remember it. And last, your settings will be saved in the drop-down list of presets.

In case, if you want to change your settings, then you can easily select it from the advanced setting of the basic setting dialog box. The custom setting which you have previously selected and if you want to return to your custom setting again then just simply, then just reselect it from your “current setting” list.

Apart from these, there are also some other factors that are responsible for your Epson printer paper quality.

  • Use original files, instead of using screenshots and low-resolution documents and images.
  • Choose the right and best quality of image and toner.
  • Choose good quality paper.
  • Check print preview before printing, and if you find any issue, resolve it and then print it.

So these are the primary ways through which you can change your print quality by changing the settings. By implementing this information, while you are printing paper from your Epson printer, you will definitely get a good quality printing result from your Epson printer. I hope you like our suggestion, but still, you are facing any trouble, then you can comment below and we’ll try to help you.

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